Allegorical Metamorphosis

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Allegorical Metamorphosis Metamorphosis is transformation of an insect from an immature form to an adult form. Although this term is ordinarily used in Biology, Franz Kafka uses this term to title his peculiar story. This is a story about a young man named Gregor Samsa, who is a traveling salesman. He is a typical hardworking man trying to pay off debts. However, he wakes up one morning as a human-sized beetle. His parents see him as a beetle, they react negatively, but his sister, Grete, is not so concerned. In months following, she helps him get through the change. Without Gregor working, the family is financially suffering. Gregor dies from an apple thrown by his father. Surprisingly, the families’ lives improve after Gregor’s death. Historical literary theory explores the cultural background of the time period or the author background. Author background is extremely appropriate to application for Kafka’s book Metamorphosis because various characters in the book are reproductions of individuals in his personal life. Psychological literary theory is analysis of the book from psychological viewpoint. By applying psychoanalysis to Metamorphosis one can decode characters in the novel with many details. Applying critical literary theories to Kafka’s Metamorphosis allows readers to gain insight into author’s life and psychoanalysis of concepts can enrich our understanding of the work. Historical Literary Theory Application: Author Background The Metamorphosis is one of the preeminent works of Franz Kafka. It depicts the challenges faced in contemporary society, although humans may not wake up as an insects in real life, individuals do experience forms of change. The protagonist of the story is a representation of Kafka himself. Man... ... middle of paper ... ... harmful, for example; when using historical literary theory, one may neglect the art of the book and reduce it to biographical or historical view, similarly, when looking at the book from psychological standpoint, one may overlook to understand the book as an art itself. Metamorphosis is a book that can be an allegory for individuals in the society who are going through change and it is society’s job to encourage the positive change. References Barfi, Z. (2013). A Study of Kafka’s the Metamorphosis in the Light of Freudian Psychological Theory. Research Journal of Recent Sciences. 2(10), 107-109.Retrieved from Kafka, F. (1999). The Metamorphosis. [e-book] Planet eBook. Retrieved through Kerr, C. A. (2009). Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis". Literary Contexts In Short Stories, 1. Retrieved from
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