All or Nothing

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Chapter Three: Auditory Hallucinations Are Just Part of Grief Celeste gave a loud groan of annoyance when she heard her phone alarm going off at six a.m. sharp. “Shut the fuck up. I promise one day I’ll just take a hammer to you,” she muttered softly, her voice muffled due to the fact that she laid face down. She blindly reached for her phone with her right hand as she felt along the surface of the nightstand beside her to turn it off. Its shrill tone was grating on her eardrums and she already felt a large headache coming. It was far too early for this bullshit. Eventually she managed to find her phone, turning her head slightly so she could look on the screen as she turned it off. Screw Mondays. Actually, no, screw every god forsaken day of the week. She let out a heavy sigh of frustration when she situated herself on her bed so that she faced the ceiling. Her dark brown hair was tousled and running around everywhere. Most of it was resorting back to its natural state of being extremely wavy with a faint hint of curls. Normally she would have immediately jumped out of bed to tame her mane of thick hair with a straightener but now she just felt too fatigued to really care. Celeste yawned widely when she began to roll herself out of her thick covers and out of bed. She placed her bare feet down on the cool hardwood floors beneath her before flinching and bringing them back up under the warm covers. Would five more minutes really hurt anyone? She knew for a fact her parents were already off to work and the only two souls in this house was her and her younger brother, Clark. She forced herself out of bed, moving quickly out of her room. She had an hour to get Clark ready for school too. She trudged down the hall, her eyelids half... ... middle of paper ... ... some gross pancakes!" She called down from the top step before walking into her bedroom, cracking the door just in case Clark needed her for anything. She sighed softly, walking towards her closet and shoving the doors to the side. “Now what to wear.” This was a constant dilemma that Celeste constantly faced. She tried to make sure she looked her best each and everyday but most of the time it felt like she only impressed groups that she didn’t really classify with. It wasn’t that she cared really, she just didn’t appreciate her friends’ snide comments which only served to rankle her. Then, of course, they would rebuke her and make sure she understood that the way her clothes look was not something that should be taken lightly. The dark haired girl couldn’t understand why the way she dressed concerned them considering she was the leader of the group she stayed with.
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