All You Ever Need

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The road exploded into a collision of dust and air with each step that she took back to that flimsy house, with that thatched, broken roof, where souls are broken, with only a flicker of light guiding her in the ebony blackness of despair. Darkness engulfed her, as she slithered into the house, hoping, praying, begging that no one saw her. Yet to her dismay, he stood inside, a ferocious, untamed tiger waiting to pounce. This is my chance, my chance to stand up to him. Yet, before she could conjure the courage to speak her mind, the metallic knife struck down onto Diya, gleaming, glistening with the burgundy trail of her life escaping as the seconds went by. It was not always like this. There was a time before this, a time of wonder and a time of magic where anything you wanted could come true, where no dream was considered too magnificent, too great, as she lived in “the palace”, her home that outshone every other one that she had come to witness. But as the blossoms flourished, and Diya grew, her limitless sky of opportunity was brought down by the downpour of reality. She was a woman, and there was no place for women other than inside the house. While her mother fully supported her restricted independence and freedom, she still allowed Diya to go to lessons, so that she would become one of the few educated women, become strong, and stand up for her self. Education, studying, learning opened a whole new world of possibilities, and Diya enjoyed each moment of it with a new, profound appreciation for the world around her. Mr. Williams, her private tutor, gifted her with the knowledge of a new, beautiful realm that she had never explored. A realm that no woman in Diya’s dusty, sun bathed village accompanying the glowin... ... middle of paper ... ...she will win, the husband does the unthinkable, flinging the clear liquid from the counter towards her, the burning rage splashing across her face, seeping into her skin, scarring her eyes, destroying her lovely face, and changing everything once and for all. Acid. He had kept searing acid as a threat to her. Even though it ate away at her raw skin, she could not stop, she could not go down now. Not after what he had done to her child. She continued on, the searing pain tearing into her face. Partially blinded by the acid, she went on, targeting the dark, shadowy figure attempting to escape in the corner. With every ounce of energy she has left, she brought down the knife to his evil flesh, and collapsed on the ground. At last, she had won. No one could ever take that away from her. Even if she was alone, she also had herself...and that’s all she would ever need.
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