All Scale With Humanity

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In magazines, you see all these women with the “perfect” body, hair, makeup. All these images of what women should look like. Thin waistline, small legs, tan, etc. For men the “ideal” body is being covered head to toe with muscles and to have rock hard abs. People (I feel like mostly young women.) struggle with and think that, that’s what they need/have to look like. They have a picture of a model; their inspiration taped on their wall. Something they look at every morning. They feel like that they have to strive to look like that model in the picture.
It can cause them to make decisions, decisions that could be dangerous for them. For example, they could exercise (thinking “ I need to lose weight.”) to their breaking point. Also, they could stop eating, become bulimic or anorexic. Making decisions that could impact the rest of their lives in an incredibly negative way. Now, men feel like they have to bulk up to be what they think they should be. Lifting weights, too much at one time, causing them to hurt themselves.
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