All Men Aren't Created Equal

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In America, there is a rumor that all men are created equally. This is a hoax that many people would believe, if they deemed propaganda to be completely truthful. Once you enter the country, immigrants are not going to stroll down a street and find many job choices. They would be lucky to find one job. It would be especially hard finding a job that suits their capability if they’re a minority. If they are from a third world country, chances of earning a sufficient amount of money for their self, and family is very low. Nevertheless coming to America for other causes would definitely be worth your while.
In her book Nickel and Dimed, Barbara Ehrenreich says “When somebody works for less than she can live on, she goes hungry.”(Ehrenreich). This is very evident and true in the society we currently live in. So many of the immigrants and minorities that come to America, end up working the lowest paying jobs. The majority of these jobs don’t even provide a financial structure to build on and prosper. I believe Barbara lived, and understood this component of her experiment. Throughout her experiment, she ran into heaps of obstacles and hardships. She lived in motor homes that can barely count as housing, and minimum wage pushed her into eating non nutritious meals. Sadly, she allowed peer pressure to steer her in the direction of smoking for relaxation and stability. She states this by saying “Almost everyone smokes as if their pulmonary well-being depended on it.”(Ehrenreich). In the working world of the low wage employees, this proves to be a true statement.
Adam Shepard, was a young man who decided to take on the experiment and find out if the American dream is real. He had a significant advantage over the people who ac...

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...arge numbers of citizens spend half their waking hours in plain terms, to a dictatorship.”(Ehrenreich). This is a true statement made by Barbara Ehrenreich. The government can not be the sole blame for the way society is, but it certainly doesn’t help. Coming from the wife of our president, this is terrifying. For a country that prides itself on being the best country in the world, We have a lot of work to do as a community. The style of life some people have to go through is inhumane and in desperate need for change.

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