All Criminals Are Fair: Fair Summary: All Trials Are Fair

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All Trials are Fair
Every American is guaranteed equal protection of the law. From the time a person is arrested to the time they reach court, everyone receives the justice they deserve. Upon arrest, Miranda rights are presented to an individual stating that they have the right to an attorney and the right to remain silent in order to avoid self-incrimination. Once the issue makes it to court, the next step is to find a defense attorney. Everyone has the power to choose their own attorney, but if an individual cannot afford one, an attorney will be provided for them. During court, a jury of surrounding citizens is selected to inspect the evidence presented by both the plaintiff (the accuser) and defendant (the accused). The jury panel is selected at random and has no connection to the case whatsoever. After all evidence is presented during trial, the jury will have a secret deliberation over the case. Reasonable doubt is then determined with the evidence. Reasonable doubt is the uncertainty of a defendant’s guilt, and the jury has to determine if there are any alternative possible explanations in accordance to the evidence. The
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Each attorney has their own special study, such as practicing business law or dealing with human rights. No matter what type of trial a victim may undergo, there is a proper attorney to fit their case. Besides having their own specialties, each attorney retains superior work habits. They demonstrate dependability, through paying attention to detail, and work long hours to thoroughly research each case. They work to seek justice for each client. Even if someone has a case they can’t win, an attorney will persevere to find the best outcome. In addition, attorneys obtain favorable social skills. They are trustworthy and relatable, wanting the best outcome for a client in every situation. An attorney’s diverse skills provides each defendant the proper defense

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