All Bark and No Biting

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Glaringly white, sharp and pointed- the teeth of a beast. As humans we float through life apprehensive of the unknown and shunning the feared. News reports pour in each day chilling our bones to ice, revealing the most dramatic of situations. The very inflated fear of the angry, snarling, attacking Pit-bulls who are uncontrollable and are only bread to fight each other or killing intruders has been completely taken out of proportion. Pit-bulls have a horrible reputation due to the over exposure in the media, however, this loveable and trustworthy breed deserves the remarkable recognition demonstrated by the emotional support they provide, ability to be train easily, and the loyalty that the Pit-bull supplies.
Pit-bulls provide immense support for many mentally, physically disabled adults and children including the hearing and visually impaired. The beauty of the companion’s affection has been incorporated into a successful non-profit organization called Soldiers Best Friend which provides aid for qualified disabled veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injuries. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder affects many aspects of a person’s life, for instance, these veterans have difficulty being in large crowds or hearing loud noises. However, by introducing a professionally trained Pit-Bull has proven to improve the soldiers ability to live within society, to become less of a recluse, more social able, and gives comfort for the emotionally damaged veteran in high stress situations, such as, going to a sporting event or using public transportation (Martinez 4). While individuals receive a substantial amount of emotional help from these loving animals, others live in fear that this specific breed of dog, Pit-b...

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...not be famously recognized as “Man’s best Friend” if it was not for the many years, situations, and experiences that are painted throughout history showcasing this slogan and proving time and time again that nurture forecast nature leaving a beautifully molded personality created by the dog’s owner. Whether you are frightened or amazed there is a level of respect for all that these beautiful creatures can do and that alone reflects a safe and extraordinarily amazing creature.

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