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Mussels are a type of shellfish called bivalves. Bivalves are molluscs that are enclosed by a shell in two hinged parts. They include clams, oysters, and scallops. Mussels grow in colonies that attach themselves to rocks, pilings, or other hard surfaces with their “beards”. However, most commercial cultivated mussels are grown on hanging ropes. There are many types of mussels; and that they are very nutritious as well as they can be cooked in many different ways. Also they are enjoyed around the world.
Even though there are many types of mussels available in markets, they can all be used interchangeably. The three main types of mussels are Mediterranean, Blue, and Green-lip. Mediterranean mussels are known for their wide shells and plump meat. They are usually in season during the summer and fall. Blue mussels are also known as edible mussels. They are usually in season during the winter and spring. Although they are smaller than Mediterranean mussels, they have a very intense flavour that many people enjoy very much. Green-lip mussels are the last type of mussels that available in the market. This type of mussels is growing in popularity and demand due to their large size. Most green-lop mussels are cultivated in New Zealand and are sold under the name of “Kiwi Mussels.” Therefore, there are many types of mussels. However, whichever type of mussel one chooses, they know that they are picking a delicious type of shellfish.
Furthermore, mussels are very nutritious. With only 390 calories per pound and 1.8 g of saturated fat, mussels are a great choice for protein. When compared with the same amount of lean sirloin beef, there are 843 calories per pound and 10.6 g of saturated fat. Mussels are also high in vitamin B12 as well a...

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