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Don't let what other people think decided who you are. This semester definitely has been an interesting one to say the least, more than wanted did i have to step out of my comfort zone and experience life a little more. I feel I have grown a lot over the course of the semester and would not have acquired the skills I have today if i had not made the decisions and had the patience i had all semester. All semester long i had to stand up for myself and learn to handle things in a more mature and time-bound way. Being given the honour to play at the level of varsity in the sport i love has helped me through this semester in unexplainable ways.

I remember leaving my house before coming to college and telling myself i won't cry at all this year. No matter what i will show no sign of weakness, well it didn't take long the first night in residence one of my roommates cried. That sealed the deal for me i knew i didn't want to be that girl who cries when something bad happens or when something doesn't go her way. I think its my childhood that brings out the little empathy i have for other people, i hadn't seen someone cry in almost 8 years its not something you do at my house. To see this girl cry made me want to be a stronger person then that emotionally. Even though my parents brought me up to be tough and to stand my ground i knew i would break at some point this semester, i think i hit that in one of my basketball practices. I kept being pointed out for doing something wrong, being the rookie sucks sometimes and it just hit me, i kept swallowing down the cry couldn't think of why i wanted to cry though. I stopped for a moment and tried to think, so i was messing up and being picked on for the same thing the same wrong thing over and o...

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...own to know when i am patient, my energy is available to make good thing happen. I've learned patience must be cultivated, and that beautiful things take time.
Maturing, growing, become aware of ones self i feel is all part of the college experience. My growth and development has come from a wide variety of events and things. It doesn't matter where it came from, it matter how i use it and put it to action. Whether it be my patience or time management skills it doesn't matter. As long as i continue to grow like this i reach the right path. The past is the past and i know now to stop living in it because i can't change it. I know i can be strong and hold my ground, i know i can step out of my comfort zone and still be OK and i know i can get through a whole year without crying because i have nothing to cry about. To be strong and ready is what ill be for the future.
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