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Aliens are common seen as monstrous because of the physical appearance moviemakers and authors give them. Things such as large heads, grotesque razor sharp teeth and deviations from human figures. Fear of aliens usually stems from the threat they present to human life on earth. This fear is pretty irrational but aliens provide do provide us with a longing for the future.
In 1752 the French philosopher, Voltaire, wrote a short story about aliens. Voltaire’s story was called “Micromegas,” it depicted humanities first contact with life from outer space. In Voltaire’s story the contact is somewhat awkward, Micromegas is 23 miles tall and just as humans were unable to recognize the existence of bacteria it takes a while for Micromegas to notice human beings. (Grayson) Though this is the first depiction of aliens public fascination with aliens didn’t begin till the 19th century when astronomers reported observation of large canali, the term was mistranslated as "canals" in English, leading some to conclude that people living on Mars had constructed them. (Anders)
The first major work to explore the concept of the "extraterrestrial invader" in popular culture was H.G. Wells' 1897 book, The War of the Worlds. The story details an invasion of Earth by technologically advanced Martians who flee their dying planet and attempt to take over Earth and its resources. The Martians attack the helpless citizens of London, England and create panic until they suddenly succumb to a fatal infection by terrestrial germs. The Advanced alien society enables us to infuse a small measure of humility into our greater consciousness. The humans were incapable of defeating the Martians on their own but rather caught a break with the bacteria. Certainly we ar...

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...dily be understood as a trope for the late-modern realization that science and technology have not created a better world for us. “If only we could be like the aliens, if only we had better technology,” we whisper to ourselves, “everything would be much better.”

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