Alienation Quotes In Frankenstein

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Final Paper on Frankenstein

In the book Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, one main character, Victor Frankenstein creates a monster. Both characters, Frankenstein and the monster become isolated as a result of this event. Isolation can have outcomes or an impact for the future events in the story. Frankenstein's monster is alienated from the "human" society because of his appearance, and that his creator doesn't want him, which leads the monster to go on a killing spree.

Frankenstein's monster is alienated because of his hideous looks which affected others reactions towards him. According to Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein gave life to an 8ft tall creature, by assembling different body parts and strange chemicals. He was enormously
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In chapter 16, the monster states "...a kind of insanity in my spirits, that burst all bounds of reason and reflection. I lighted the dry branch of a tree and danced with fury around the devoted cottage..." (Shelley,99) in this quote it informs the reader that he burned the house. After his rejection, Frankenstein's creation outrages and now wants to hurt people in any way. He had realized that no one in the Da Lacey's family wanted to be friends with him nor give him love. All he wanted was a little bit of attention, care and love, which he had never received. Victor Frankenstein travels around the world, during his voyage he receives a letter from Elizabeth. They're planning their wedding; the monster hates his creator so decides to let him know that She'll soon die at their wedding. Victor receives " the threat of the fiend-"I will be with you on your wedding-night." " (Shelley,139). Victor feels threatened by the monster. The monster is capable of anything, he promises to do anything in his power to make Victor

In conclusion, Frankenstein's creature feels isolated throughout the story because of his looks and that his creator doesn't want him. This feeling of having no one soon starts to impact the rest of the events, the monster goes on a killing spree. He burns down De lacey's family's house and threatens to kill Elizabeth Frankenstein. He ends killing William and Elizabeth which were both his creator's family. Because his Victor Frankenstein didn't give him love and care and because people had judged him by his physical appearance, he
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