Alienation In The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is a gloomy tale about a young man, Gregor Samsa, who transformed into a bug. He is endowed with human pathos among heartless characters that continue to alienate him, even after his physical transformation that left him unrecognizable by the people closest to him. His metamorphosis is an extension of the alienation he already felt as a person by his family. Gregor soon realizes that the very people you help, often leave you helpless. Gregor is the son of middle-class family in Prague. He has been the sole supporter of his family since his father lost business and fell into depression because of his financial loss. The Samsas are in a great amount of debt; Gregor, the dutiful son, takes over their debt as his…show more content…
The manager and his mother react in shock and his father first reacts with violence and then shock. “His father clenched his fist with a hostile expression, as if he wished to push Gregor back into his room, then looked uncertainly around the living room, covered his eyes with his hands, and cried so that his mighty breast shook” (Kafka 23). Gregor’s father’s reaction is first hostile. He wants to push Gregor back into his room because he is embarrassed of his son. He looks around the living room is shamed even more that there are witnesses to his monster of a son. The father is not upset for Gregor and his unfortunate circumstance, but is devastated that their reputation is ruined. If the manager was not there to witness Gregor’s metamorphosis, Gregor’s father probably would have killed him. As Gregor peers out from his room, he looks at the opposite wall. There hung a photograph of Gregor from his time in the military service as a lieutenant. The picture of Gregor in the living room is a shell of what he used to be. Since the time of his service, Gregor has changed from a happy, carefree man, to a depressed, isolated man, to a monstrous bug that is even more of a misunderstood, lonely

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