Alienation In Brave New World Analysis

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BNW Essay Brave New World, written by Aldous Huxley examines alienation due to ones personal beliefs to show the values of society. John is a character who is not accepted into the modern society of BNW, due to his clashing values with civilization the values of BNW soon become evident. This opposition and alienation is present throughout the entire novel, in order to show the values of BNW. It is first depicted when John is shocked by how the people of BNW values sex above all else. Secondly, BNW’s values are shown through John’s opposite views on freedom. Lastly, throughout John’s clashing opinion on Religion it shows BNW’s values of “Modern Religion”. In the end the opposing values between John and the society of BNW, John feels alienated,…show more content…
The first look at freedom is the dependency on soma in BNW society. John wants freedom so he refuses to take soma; he feels it takes away his freedom. This refusal furthers the alienation felt by John and shows the values of BNW society. In Brave New World soma is used to escape reality, to not feel anything but pure happiness and pleasure. However in John’s world soma takes away his freedom, his freedom to think, to feel pain, and to feel joy. This contrast in values shows how the value placed upon freedom is different in Brave New World society. Secondly, throughout the book freedom is shown through John’s alienation. The value of freedom in BNW is shown through conditioning. “Death conditioning begins at eighteen months. Every tot spends two mornings a week in a Hospital for the dying. All the best toys are kept there, and they get chocolate cream on death days.” (Huxley, 142) In BNW society the place very little value on freedom of thought shown by conditioning the children to think the way they are taught. Lastly, BNW’s lack of freedom values is shown after John dumps out all of the soma on the train, he talks to Mustapha Mond to discuss his outburst. “But that’s the price we have to pay for stability.” (Huxley, 194) John believes being free is very important in being human. Sadly, in BNW society no importance is placed upon being free. In the quote Mustapha Mond explains that, that is the price they pay. Meaning they sacrifice freedom for happiness. In summary, it is evident that through John’s alienation and opposing values, it is clearly shown that BNW’s society places zero value on
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