Alicia Burke: Why I Have A Passion For Nursing

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The interview on Alicia Burke made me realize why I have a passion for nursing. By her going in dept on the personal part of the interview, I was able to see why nurses are so humane. Through this interview I was edified on how the West Georgia Health operates things. Moreover, it taught me that as a Christian I may end up surrounded by ungodly employees however, it is up to me to have interactions with them. The path to becoming a nurse may include sweat and tears, but the outcome is a joy that no one can take away. Alicia was very kind during the interview and only left two questions unanswered. Each question that I asked was answered in detail. She taught me that being a nurse is always rewarding. Moreover, in the future there will…show more content…
As a nurse, it will be very salutary to keep my faith and relationship with God strong. Bible verses in general keep me motivated and inspired to keep my head up. One of them being John 15:12 which states “This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you” (John 15:12, King James Version). This verse drives a passion in my heart to care for others continuously. Even if I give up, I have to continue to care for others because as a nurse I am my patient’s comforter. I have an insatiable need to help those who can no longer help themselves. I now have a greater intricacy for nursing and nurses all around the world. Everyday nurses make it their duty to provide comfort, hospitality, love, care, and passion for each one of their patients. Nursing is not only my purpose, it is my passion. The nursing profession will continue to grow and increase daily because of the many people who want to be able to provide to those who need help. Before the career report, I never entirely, deeply in my heart understood why I wanted to become a nurse. However, I now know that it is because I want to make a difference in society by changing the
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