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The Beauty Within Throughout the essay “ Beauty: When the Other Dancer Is the Self” Alice Walker told a story of her life and how she came to realize her self worth, “yes indeed I realized looking in the mirror there was a world in my eye”(Walker 40). Walker saw that most of her life she was worried about what other people thought instead of realizing that she was beautiful in her own special way. The purpose of this story is to inspire others to appreciate their own unique beauty. The elements that Walker successfully used to take us through this journey are; repetition of phrases and pathos, or what appeals to the heart, wher as the fallacies of her essay include her generalization that others may make changes as easily as her by over…show more content…
Pathos is achieved as a writer appeals to the heart or emotions of the reader. She started her essay by reflecting on her childhood as a little girl asking to go with her father to the county fair (34). She used this example to help the readers become interested in the little girl's excitement. She then went on to talk about her childhood and how she was a tomboy and loved to run around with her older brothers (35). This sentiment is where the author used pathos effect in her essay. She tells the story of one of her older brothers shot her in the eye with his pellet gun. In this moment the reader's emotions are can be inconsistent, as she reflects on what will happen to her after this incident. Some other examples of her life having ups and downs of emotions happen when she moves. The new school was hard for her, she felt the same stress that many of us feel. She dealt with bullying and not fitting in at school. After months of this, she was sent back to live with her grandparents. The reader felt relief that she escaped this awful place quickly followed by her emotions about being unable to bring her best friend the cat with her. We are led to sympathize with her dilemma and the decision she had to make. The reader are now left to worry and hoping she will be alright though this time of change. As the reader travels with her through her life, each is asked to…show more content…
The logical fallacy that stood out the most throughout her essay was allness and oversimplification. She stated that after all that she went through in her life it was that one moment that changed her, when her daughter said “ Mommy there's a world in your eye”(40). This doesn’t take into consideration many situations that led her to be prepared to listen to what her daughter said. Everything was alright for her and it should turn out that way for everyone's life. It takes one moment of realization for them and their lives will be better. This is not the case in everyone's life. Some people have complications take a different set of circumstances to help them through. Walker may not have recognition the events that led up to her discovery. It all happened in that one moment in her

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