Alfred Wegener’s Biography

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Alfred Wegener was born on November 1, 1880 in Berlin, Germany. Alfred Wegener was the youngest of five children to be born to Anna and Richard Wegener. However, only three of Ana and Richard Wegener’s children survived. Their names were: Alfred Wegener, Kurt Wegener, and Tony Wegener. Unfortunately, the two other children could not make it. Richard Wegener was an evangelical minister who ran an orphanage. At that time, the German Empire saw many advances of new technologies which included the airship, electricity and the automobile. Most of Alfred Wegener’s significant interests at a young age were exploration, geophysics, and meteorology. At first, Alfred Wegener studied mathematics and astronomy in the city of Berlin and Heidelberg. However, Alfred Wegener was soon drawn into meteorology, and geophysics. Alfred Wegener and his brother, Kurt Wegener, both enjoyed hiking, mountain climbing, kiting, ballooning and sailing. Furthermore, Alfred Wegener went to a lot of expeditions and continued his career as a famous meteorologist and geophysicist. Alfred Wegener even came up with the Continental Drift theory.
Alfred Wegener’s interest in kites and balloons began at the Royal Prussian Aeronautical Observatory near Berlin, Germany. In addition, Alfred and Kurt Wegener used kites and tied balloons to study the higher atmosphere. Without a doubt, Alfred and Kurt Wegener broke the world record for the longest time spent aloft in a hot air balloon with a total of fifty two hours. According to Dr. Johannes Georgi, a meteorologist and Greenland explorer, Alfred Wegener became the first person to trace storm tracks over the large covering of ice in the polar region. In the year 1913, Alfred Wegener married Else Kopp...

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...-Institut fur Polar- und Meeresforschung.
In my opinion, Alfred Wegener was a very determined person. Since he was a youth, he always dreamed of exploring the Arctic. Then, when he got older, Alfred Wegener actually got the opportunity to explore Greenland. I also believe that Alfred Wegener contributed benefits to society. Alfred Wegener’s Continental Drift theory helped other scientists develop a better understanding of Earth’s geography. For example, other scientist suggested that Pangaea was separated into two pieces called Laurasia and Gondwanaland. I thought that the way Alfred Wegener died was surprising. Alfred Wegener died while doing what he loves, which was exploration. Alfred Wegener’s death was also the day after his birthday which was sad for me. However, Alfred Wegener did leave a mark on this world that other scientists can contribute to.
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