Alfred Binet

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Alfred Binet, the Intelligence Test
Alfred Binet was a child psychologist that who created the first Intelligence test. He created a base for more current intelligence tests along with creating standardized testing. The current IQ Test is based off of Alfred Binet first IQ test. Alfred Binet came up with these tests because he was first asked how he could test the differences between those who would fail school and those who would excel. He became interested in Child Psychology when he started to read books written by child psychologist like Charles Darwin and Alexander Bains. He was basically a self-taught psychologist who taught himself by reading books written by past psychologists or about certain parts of psychology.
He started child psychology when he was offered a job by Jean Charcot along with being taught about psychology at the same time since he hadn’t gone to University to learn about psychology. His contribution to child psychology was that he created a way to test children’s intelligence to tell if they would be able to be good at school or not. It was also used to test a child’s intelligence at times in their life to see if they are succeeding or not doing so great. Alfred Binet contributed to society through how him and is advisors created the test, making the first intelligence test, supporting the second intelligence test, and how he has contribute to today’s society.
The first idea of a test was created when Alfred Binet was asked to be a member of the Free Society for the Psychological Psychology at the Sorbonne. His group was appointed to the Commission for the Retarded. They were asked, “What should be the test given to children thought to possibly have learning disabilities, that might place them in a spe...

... middle of paper ... age then multiplying by 100 (Mental Age/Chronological Age x 100 = IQ)
This pertains to current life because the tests that were formed back then are being taken now by everyone who goes to school. These tests are now a regular part of life and judge if students should go into harder classes, what book level they should be reading at, and how intelligent a person is overall.
My thoughts were that because of this discovery psychologist after him were able to expand on his research and make today what it is. Other people might say that it isn’t possible to know how intelligent a brain is from just one test but really the test is just estimation and shouldn’t be taken literally. Currently Alfred Binet works it still being used to base current intelligence tests of off. Alfred Binets' work has been used my many other psychologists to make other intelligence tests.
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