Alfonso Cuaron : The American Public As The Creator And Mastermind Behind Gravity

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Alfonso Cuaron is seen through the American public as the creator and mastermind behind Gravity, he is one of the most talented foreign directors worldwide but is never truly recognized for his other amazing works. Cuaron is the Dante Alighieri of long shots in editing, he is often praised through his attention to detail, and the interaction between a character his environment within the realms of each shot. Along with his partner in crime Emmanuel Lubezki, the cinematographer, they are well acclaimed free-thinkers and celebrities in the realm of fantasy and science fiction. In 2006 their collaboration created one of the most underrated films of all time, and one which is still all too relevant to the world we live in today. Children of Men tells the story of a dystopian society set in 2027 Britain, where infertility has become globally spread and war rages on through the pursuit to keep the people “under control” and immigrants out. The story follows our tragic hero Theo and his journey to cleanse a world of corruption and chaos through the birth of the first baby in 27 years. Together Cuaron and his team illustrate a future dystopian society engulfed in war and chaos through the film’s unique cinematography and mise-en-scene, to further prove that humankind is split between their natural balance of good (hope & faith) and evil (war & destruction). In the creation of Children of Men’s 2027 Britain and the remaining nations, the mise-en-scene is vital to the portrayal of the many dimensions in the film such as imagery, allusions, and the symbolism instilled within them to represent the growing unrest in the dystopian society. Initially through the film’s introduction, the audience sees many familiar aspects and visual representat... ... middle of paper ... the audience at awe and help them recognize the importance of renewal of hope through birth and unity in society. Similarly through mise-en-scene Cuaron is able to illustrate spirituality through allusions and imagery as a symbol of faith and peace in the birth of baby Dylan. However, much like George Orwell’s 1984, Cuaron’s Children of Men British dystopia remains at a state of constant war and in which those involved often forget the purpose or means, especially if there is no origin or history to look back on. This is best illustrated through the ceasing fire scene and the importance it gives baby Dylan as a representation of youth and love. Yet, one must notice that the war ensues even after this realization and that the society itself no longer knows much else than war, thus it is up to the individual to find his or her life’s meaning and what gives them hope.

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