Alexander the Great

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What is Time magazine? Well it's not a magazine full of clock, Time magazine is about weekly events. Every year they have a Person of the Year cover. Alexander the Great is known for his bravery and how he conquered many countries. Alexander the Great should be the next Time person of the year because of the many things he changed in his time-he put cities on key routes, unified the lands he conquered, and he helped to combine cultures.
Alexander the great has lived a life full of accomplishments. Alexander the Great was born in Macedonia on July 20 356 B.C. He was a handsome curly headed boy. His parents were the king and queen of Macedonia. King Philip II was always in or preparing to engage in military campaigns. So he had a unreliable father. He had many teachers because he was rebellious. He had Leonidas and he also had a teacher named Lysimachus who did role-playing, acting out events, to teach the young boy. After these teachers he had the famous teacher Aristotle. When he became a teen he started to go into the military. After his father got assassinated, Alexander made ...
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