Alexander the Great

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There have been many leaders who have contributed to our history, but one man who portrayed outstanding leadership qualities was Alexander of Macedonia, more commonly referred to as Alexander the Great. Alexander gained control of the Macedonian empire and led his men to victory by conquering the Persian Empire. Not only did his conquest enhance his overall image as a great military leader, but the characteristics he developed throughout his lifetime also played a role in his tremendous success. Although Alexander encountered many obstacles throughout his conquests, he was able to maintain focus in his men as well as himself, which is why he was capable of accomplishing all that he did. Therefore, throughout Alexander’s conquest much of his success can be credited to his great leadership skills, which include his courage, confidence, respect for his men, and strategic military skills, which are all contributing factors to him becoming one of the greatest leaders in history.

Alexander’s success arose during his childhood and carried over into his reign as king of Macedonia. Alexander was born on July 20 356 BCE in Pella, the capital of Macedonia, to his parents Philip II, king of Macedonia, and his wife, Olympias. Alexander grew up in royalty, which gave him interest in becoming king and ruling his own empire. Alexander’s father, Philip II, assigned Aristotle as Alexander’s tutor. Aristotle played a significant role in transforming Alexander into the successful leader he became. Plutarch states, “It would appear that Alexander received from him not only his doctrines of Morals and Politics, but also something of those more abstruse and profound theories which these philosophers, by the very names they gave t...

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...r, but he didn’t let either of those concerns hinder what he desired to achieve. All in all, during Alexander’s short-lived life he was able to accomplish what most leaders can’t accomplish in an entire lifetime, due to his leadership qualities that allowed him to be known as one of the greatest leaders of all time.

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