Alexander The Great

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Alexander the Great On July twentieth, 356 B.C. Alexander the Great was born. His Father was Philip, the King of Macedonia. His mother was Olympia, daughter of the late King Epirus. Alexander was quite mature for his age. At 13 he started learning from Aristotle, he was trained with other children. It was at this time that he met Hephastion, his future best Friend. Aristotle gave Alexander training in rhetoric and literature and sparked his Interest in science, medicine, and philosophy, all which became important later In his life. When Alexander was 14 his father was going to purchase a black stallion. The horse was to wild and no one thought it could be tamed. Alexander decided That he could do it and leapt onto its back and started a sixteen year relationship with the horse. He named the horse Bucephalus At the age of sixteen his father made him regent , with the power to rule in his father's name. While his father was away ,one of the colonies revolted. Alexander quickly marched troops to the area. Also at 16 he founded his first colo...
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