Alexander Hamilton's Contributions

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Alexander Hamilton is one of the Founding Fathers of this Great Country. Of the many Founding Fathers this country has had Hamilton is one of the most debated. The debate over Hamilton is with those who question whether or not Hamilton’s contribution to the Colonies has an negative or positive effect on our Country today. Those like Historian John Steele Gordon and Writer Joyce Appleby weigh in on the discussion of Hamilton and his contribution. Historian John Steetle Gordon argues the Yes argument; he claims Hamilton's guidelines he implemented during his time in power has lead us to the money driving, privately ran, and powerful economy Americans fancy today. The argument begins with an overview of Hamilton and his lifestyle he once lived so long ago. Hamilton was a child born out of wedlock in 1755, he was born to a mother who fell deceased just at Hamiltons gentle age of thirteen. Hamilton Mother’s death left him penniless, forcing him and his brother to live with an cousin who soon was deceased within a year of adopting the boys. The many unfortunate situations forced Hamilton to develop a sense of independence at a very tender age; Hamilton then taught himself French, Mathematics, and economics. Hamilton then begun to work fulfilling administrative duties and accounting task to support himself. A minister realized the many talents Hamilton has and decided to collect funds in order to send Hamilton to the mainlands to further his education. Hamilton’s ambition then lead him to many different accomplishments such as his military background, the appointment of Chief Aide-de-camp by George Washington, and the Promotion in rank to Lieutenant Colonel. Hamilton then begun focusing on his political career. He used his experience... ... middle of paper ... ...he making of the United States Constitution. Appleby argument is effective, especially the way she presents her material. The events that affected the original work of Hamilton but she makes it a point to say that Hamilton's work no longer exist as he intended. I agree with Appleby’s opinion of the world’s adaption to Hamilton’s plan for the United States and the Constitution of the United States. However, I believe John Steele did a better job with his Yes argument. He made it clear that Hamilton still has an effect on how the United States Constitution and Economy is set up. He has the correct mindset in my opinion, no matter how much the events after Hamilton affected the economy it is still the same blue print Hamilton created. Due to this I believe Appleby supported her argument much better than Steele did, however I believe steele had a more sensible argument.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that hamilton was one of the founding fathers of this great country. historian john steele gordon and writer joyce appleby weigh in on hamilton's contribution to the colonies.
  • Explains that hamilton was born out of wedlock in 1755. his mother's death left him penniless, forcing him and his brother to live with a cousin who soon was deceased.
  • Explains how hamilton began focusing on his political career, using his experience with the continental army’s financial troubles and his previous service as a delegate in the new york confederation congress.
  • Explains that hamilton's contributions came from his appointment by president george washington as secretary of the treasury. he proposed funding the new government, establishing a national bank, and assuming responsibility for the state’s debts.
  • Explains that hamilton served in president george washington's presidential cabinet and john adams' competition for the election of 1800 for presidency. he resigned from washington’s cabinet but soon lost influence of after the federalist were thrown out of office.
  • Analyzes how steele gordon's argument breaks down the number of individuals that could weigh in on the effects of what policies and laws were produced during washington’s administration. gordon explains how money was used in that day and time.
  • Explains that gordon was the only founding father that was not born in the united states of america. gordon introduces hamilton as an ambitious, young congressman who was looking to build the us into an industrialized country.
  • Analyzes how joyce appleby supports thomas jefferson's argument by proving the government was run by men whose sole purpose was reelection and maintaining power.
  • Analyzes how appleby takes into account the events that followed hamilton's influence such as the financial recovery of the revolution, farming being innervated, entrepreneurs coming about, and other races entering the united states.
  • Agrees with appleby's opinion of the world adaption to hamilton’s plan for the united states. however, they believe steele did a better job with his yes argument.
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