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Who is Alexander Hamilton? He was the first Secretary of Treasury. He was an orphan. He wasn’t a president but you carry him every day. He’s on the 10 dollar bill. Alexander Hamilton was born January 11, 1757 on the British Islands in the West Indies. Hamilton also had a brother named James Jr which was born in 1765. James Jr and Hamilton was both born out of wedlock to a women named Rachel Lavien who was a French Huguenot descent, and father name was James Hamilton a Scottish lard. Wedlock is when to people that aren’t married have kid(s). Rachel met James about 1750 when she left her first husband and son traveling to Saint Kitts. James and Rachel moved back to her home town in Nevis where she inherited land from her late father. The fact …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that alexander hamilton was born in 1757 on the british islands in the west indies and had a brother named james jr.
  • Explains how hamilton's leadership skills were sharp as he grew up. he became a clerk at beekman and cruger and was adopted by peter lytton.
  • Describes how alexander hamilton joined a new york volunteer militia company named the heart of oak, studied different military tactics, and became the lieutenant of the company.
  • Narrates how hamilton was a new york delegate in 1787 who wanted to talk about the articles of confederation.
  • Explains that they wanted to write about alexander hamilton because he had a hard child hood and didn't let that stop him from living his life.

He wrote a published essay in the Royal Danish-American Gazette. The essay just went into detail about a hurricane which happened around August 30, 1772. So many people was impress with this kids work especially Reverend Hugh Knox, he wanted to send him to school. That they had gathered money for him and about fall 1773, Hamilton entered Kings College. In 1774 he wrote "A Full Vindication of the Measures of Congress," which defended the First Continental Congress' proposal to embargo trade with Great Britain. By 1775 he had join a New York volunteer militia company named the heart of oak. He studied different military tactics and became the lieutenant of the company few years later in 1776, when the Revolutionary War began, Hamilton received a captain's position in the Continental Army. He also took part in Washington’s successful capture of Trenton, New Jersey. Around this time George Washington was realizing how great Hamilton was an offered him another position in his staff in 1777. Alexander Hamilton served admirably throughout the war. During this time Hamilton found love and three years late he married a women named Elizabeth Schuyer, she came from a wealthy family. It seems as if they had a good marriage they even had eight …show more content…

As years went by Alexander career turned down the road of law and he passed the bar. He set up his practice in New York. His first clients was the loyalist. Who was the loyalist? American colonists who remained loyal to the British Empire and the British monarchy during the American Revolutionary War ( Hamilton was a New York delegate and in 1787 the Philadelphia delegate wanted to sit and talk about the Articles of Confederation, which was very weak at the time. Alexander Hamilton help write with a few other people about 51 out of 85 essays under the collective title the Federalist. Around this time Hamilton had got re-elected for the Continental Congress. Then about 1789 things had started to change with the government and he then became the Secretary of Treasury. When he began to be the Secretary of Treasury things started to change for the good and he made a report to shape the future of the country. He created an establishment for a national bank that would help national debt and war debt. A few years later he resigned because he wasn’t making enough making and went back to working with the law practice. Also he was working with Thomas Jefferson who was running against Aaron Burr for

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