Alexander Graham Bell: The Invention Of The Telegraph And The Telephone

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Way before we had cell phones and Internet ; we had to travel great distances to deliver messages.This method of delivering messages took along time. Fast forward a couple hundred centuries to a man that changed the face of faster communication with the invention of The Telegraph and the Telephone. Mr Alexander Graham Bell was born March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. His middle name Graham was added to his full name when he was only 10 years old. During his childhood, Alexander Bell Experienced many positive influences that helped him to become the famous man he is today. Scotland was know as the “Athens of the North” for its rich culture of art and science. Alexander was actually home schooled; He had only received one year of private school.…show more content…
Alexander Bell had called it the “Harmonic phone”.He had a hard time with money for his project; so two local investors gave him money.. Alexander Bell had worked day and night to perfect his idea. During this time Alexander Bell become highly interested with other inventions, transmitting the human voice over wire. Bell had worked with a man named Watson and they started to work on the first ever harmonic telegraphing and transmitting device. On March 10, 1876 they were successful. The first word ever to come across phones where “Mr. Watson come here; I want you, said Alexander Bell They started to promote and sell their device. Alexander Bell had started a new company called the Bell Telephone Company, with later became to be know as the American Telephone Company. The First phone used was in Wisconsin In 1877 when Appleton banker Alfred Galpin put a line from his house to the local bank. Several months later, he built a homemade switchboard for twenty-five telephones in Appleton. The next form of telecommunication came in The 1890’s when the “CandleStick” phone was made. Almon Strowger had invented the CandleStick…show more content…
Now you finally had the chance to choose either the call is worth your time or was not. This improvement has had the greatest effect of our telecommunication devices today and our exploration of telecommunication in the future. The next big thing was the flip phone. Unknown by today 's generation of kids, but the first ever flip phone was the “ Motorola StarTAC.” This was the first phone you could simply put in your pocket. Introduced in 1996 Motorola eventually sold over 60 million StarTACs. It weighed in at a light 3.4 ounces with it 's innovative the “Clamshell” design. The StarTAC was a major milestone in trend for smaller and smaller cell phones. Release in 2003 , the “Sanyo SCP-5300” was the first phone to have a camera. It was a terrific outbreak that you could combine your digital cameras into you celluar device. Compared to the cameras we have today the Sanyo SCP-5300 camera was pathetic. It had flash that could only range light for three feet away. Yet this carved the ideas of putting more in phones. The “Motorola Razr” presented the best of the best when it comes to flip phone. With the Razr motorola was able to perfect the flip phone design. It was only 0.54 inches thin, it was used more in the fashion

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