Alexander Graham Bell: A Short Biography Of Alexander Graham Bell

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Brianna Staples
Communication Arts
May 13, 2014

Alexander Graham Bell
Has the question of “who even thought to invent the telephone or metal detector?” ever came into your head? Or been going through the internet and came across the name Alexander Graham Bell and wondered who it was? Well Alexander was the inventor of many things like the telephone, and the metal detector. Bell was a very smart man who came from a very smart family.
On March 3rd, 1847, Alexander Bell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He had two other brothers but unlike them, Alexander was the only child from the three children that didn't die from tuberculosis at a young age. Bell’s siblings that died names were Melville James Bell, and Edward Charles Bell. At an early age, his father educated him instead of going to an actual school with other students. His parents names were Eliza Grace Symonds and his fathers name was Alexander Melville Bell. Eliza Grace Symonds was deaf since she was born. He adopted the middle name, Graham, at age 10 after a family-friend.
On July 11, 1877, Alexander Graham Bell marrie...
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