Alex Jackson's Passion In Forbidden City By William Bell

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247 words

How far do you have to go to change someone's passion? In the novel, Forbidden City by William Bell, the main character, Alex Jackson it was seeing it first hand the horrors of square Tiananmen Square. This changed the way he thought about war forever because it was so different from what he read and modelled. This characterization is about how Alex’s opinion on war. Changes over the course of the novel when he realizes what it really is all about. At the beginning of the novel we see Alex as A history buff this is evident when he talks about reading the art of war Sun Tuz On and how it was hard to read but worth it. He loves the way a battle is so organized and orderly and the bravery, of the soldiers go it to battle. Not know how it going

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how in william bell's novel, forbidden city, the main character, alex jackson, saw the horrors of tiananmen square. this changed his opinion on war.
  • Analyzes how alex is a history buff. he loves the way the battles are organized and orderly and the bravery of the soldiers.
  • Analyzes how alex sees the students revolt against the government and is excited because it is like war but he also see the sneaky ness of the corrupt government.
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