Alex Erikson's Development Of Self-Development And Self Development

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To remain anonymous and for the purpose of this paper, the student’s name will be Alex Smith. Alex is twelve, is in the seventh grade and is quite smaller than the rest of his peers. His demeanor is very warm, outgoing, friendly and is not the least bit shy. His physical developmental features are young for his age. Alex still has that boyish look to him and his voice is very high pitched. His siblings are triplets; there are two younger sisters and one younger brother (all age 6). He was born in Egypt, moved to Indiana, and has been here in Texas for the past five years. Alex’s dad is full American from Louisiana, and his mother full Filipino from the Philippines. In a Filipino family, the “family is the center of their social structure. It is their family that is main source of strength and support. Shame is a motivating factor and one must live up to others standards; even if this means over spending for a party,” ( I found this statement clearly evident when I was invited to attend a recent family…show more content…
Erikson’s psychosocial theory focused on the development of self, person’s relationships with others, their role in society and search for identity (2008). These stages include Trust vs Mistrust, Autonomy vs Doubt, Initiative vs Guilt, Industry vs Inferiority, and Identity vs Role Confusion. Erikson also believed that failure to successfully go through each role would result in self-crises and unhealthy personality (McLeod, 2008). After observing Alex, it became very clear that his social groups were very important to him. Alex has a sense of pride for his accomplishments in Orchestra and Robotics. During the interview he demonstrated a healthy sense of self confidence, which was clear from his strong parental guidance and
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