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So you’re under about 2,000 tons of pressure, you’re eyes are blinded as the dark water wraps you into a gigantic bear hug. You’re body is overwhelmed with pain and unbearable agony. You’re scared to death as you see a flash of light revealing a mouthful of sharp teeth. After you know this, do you think any other animals could survive here in the abyssal zone? You’re probably thinking that animals have to be very highly adapted to live there. Well, you’re right! An adaptation is a change in the body to survive in a certain area or environment. The place where these fish live is in the abyssal zone of the ocean, which is the deepest part of the ocean. The abyssal zone has very extreme cold temperatures. It also has about 2,000 tons of pressure. No sunlight reaches the abyssal zone, so animals have to produce their own light.
Although there are many organisms that live in the deepest part of the ocean, the lantern fish is one with many adaptations. Being amazingly adapted creatures, lantern fish have extremely small organs that are called photophores that shine light. The ligh...

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