Alcoholism and College Students

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Alcohol abuse is a serious health problem when it comes to college students. "The average amount of binge drinkers on college campuses is 50% of men and 39% of women" ( There are various reasons why students drink and serious short and long term effects on the body and mind. Alcoholism is a serious problem for college students and there are many actions being taken to try to lessen the problem among colleges throughout the country.

There are various reasons why students choose to drink in college. Peer pressure, academic stress, wanting to fit in, wanting to be more social and outgoing, or because they are away from home are some examples. College students come to college being away from their parent's ad it is their first experience with independence, and being able to anything they want without having to answer to anyone. This could be very stressful to students who have always relied on their parents.

There are many immediate effects and consequences of alcohol. It acts as a depressant and impairs senses, emotions, and reaction time. It also has effects on different aspects of a person's life. Some academic consequences that students face from binge drinking on a regular basis include missing class, falling behind, doing poorly on exams or papers, and receiving lower grades overall. Other consequences are that students engage in unplanned sexual activity; these risky behaviors could result in pregnancy or STD's. Spring break is a time of indulgence and massive binge drinking. This indulgence can intensify already existing risky behaviors such as alcohol abuse. "The majority of students in a s...

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