Alcoholism: No One is Safe From Its Reaches

Regardless of your background, age, ethnicity, alcoholism can be an issue. No one is safe from its reaches. When considering treatment for alcoholism, it is best to take an integrated approach. It is best to use a combination of different models of treatment and to have a group of people involved in the treatment and recovery process. People who are commonly involved are a counselor or counselors, a pastor, family, friends, church family and fellow support group members. Everyone is different and will respond different to treatment. It is a good practice to customize treatment as best as possible for each individual. Since males are more likely than women to suffer from alcoholism, the treatment plan presented will be for adult white American men.
Individual and group therapy are valuable and will play imperative roles in the treatment of alcoholism. Group therapy sessions such as Alcoholics Anonymous, are especially important because it helps the alcoholic not feel alone in dealing with their problems while being able to talk openly in a safe and supportive environment with other people who have had similar experiences (Connors, DiClemente, Velasquez, & Donovan, 2013). Group therapy gives them hope in seeing other people who have recovered. Recovery is an option. Receiving support from those who have experienced what the client is going through can be very beneficial.
Using a combination of the Medical Disease and Spiritual models would be best. The Medical Disease Model states “addiction is a unitary, primary, and progressive condition over which afflicted persons do not have control” (Jenkins & Finner-Williams, 2013). Using the Medical Disease model, providers would support the use of A.A and help from other medical profess...

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