Alcoholism And Family Case Study

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Alcoholism and family:
Alcoholism is a continuing stressor, not only for the alcoholic but also for the family members. Drinking and intoxication can also adversely affect intimate and family relations, and friendships. The researchers are of the opinion that alcoholics are not “weak” or “immoral”. They have the real disease or difficulty caused by the combination of factors including environmental influence, difficulties in emotion regulation, biological make up, stress, depression, and anxiety (Marks, 2014). When looking at alcoholism from a family systems perspective, it is considered an important aspect of family life that must be addressed in order for the family to survive the effects of alcoholism. The hope is that if one member of the
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Psychological distress of wife of alcoholic dependent:
Alcohol-related problems are associated with an increase in spousal mental distress when adjusted for each other. Psychological distress and psychiatric morbidity in spouses of alcohol dependent men is high, with marital satisfaction being low.
(Kishor et al, 2013). Interaction effects indicated that couples discordant for drinking problems experienced more mental distress than spouses concordant for drinking problems. (Rognmo et al, 2013). Alcohol problems specific to the marital relationship are predictive of wives’ depression. (Homish GG1, 2006). Another study found a three times higher risk of mood disorders and two times higher risk of anxiety disorders among female spouses of male alcohol abusers. Spouses are particularly affected given the intimate nature of their relationship and the constant exposure to the behavior of the alcoholic. The negative social consequences of alcohol consumption and stressful life events may trigger psychological, biological, behavioral responses, which interact to diminish the individual’s ability to adapt leading to emotional distress reaction and thereby increasing the likelihood of psychological
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