Alcoholics Anonymous Case Study

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Alcoholics Anonymous is a organization that is created to help alcoholics with their addiction. The organization creates meetings for alcoholics to go to. These meetings can vary from talking aloud, talking about a book, and listening to a speaker. Most of these meetings are are open to anyone but sometimes meetings are closed for those who really want to quit drinking. Most of these meetings are held in community buildings or in churches. For newcomers that attend the meetings, they would usually get a brief overview of what will go on during the events and also the protocols of the meeting. To find meetings for Alcoholics Anonymous around your area you can go on to to find meeting sites and times. I was able to find this service by searching online on services to help people with alcohol addiction. Also I found advertisements around school that suggest alcoholics on trying…show more content…
The flyers advertise the phone number and website if more information is needed. These meetings can be attended by student or staff, the only limitation that can stop one from attending a meeting is if the meeting is a “closed” meeting. A “closed” meeting is for Alcoholics Anonymous members who has drinking problems and has a desire to stop drinking (Alcoholics Anonymous, 1952). There are no limitations on who can attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, even if you are not a drinker you can still attend. Also there are no fees when attending the meetings. Most of these meetings are funded by donations the A.A groups serve and literature sales (Frequently Asked, n.d). If the someone that is not a member of the meetings is trying to help with funds, their funds will be returned (Alcoholics Anonymous Facts, 1956). When attending the meetings there will be a “passing of the hat”. The “passing of the hat” is to help pay for expenses like rent, coffee, and

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