Alcoholics Anonymous Alcoholism

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A major question that has been asked ever since the creation of AA, people have questioned Bill Wilson’s theory on Alcoholism; whether it’s a disease or a spiritual problem. In addition to the question of the origins of alcoholism another question is if the “Big Book” and 12 step program about alcohol or about finding God. This paper is about Alcoholics Anonymous and how the organization treats alcoholism as a disease that it impossible to cure unless the individual finds God. I believe that AA operates in a fashion similar to that of a cult because of what the book teaches and the message that AA members are instructed to carry out. AA’s founder Bill Wilson asserted that alcoholism is a spiritual disease with only one cure., AA believes that the one and only cure is by following, and living by the 12 step program. Alcohol Anonymous 12-step program derived from this type of thinking and from the very beginning, new members are taught that they are absolutely powerless to alcohol, and that the only way for you to be cured is for “a power greater than yourself could restore you to sanity”. AA members separate themselves from the rest of society, and attribute their drinking problems to every other aspect of their lives. There is a list of contributing factors to an individual’s disease, published by Bill Wilson. The list is roughly 25 aspects of every alcoholic’s life but Alcohol is never listed because in Mr. Wilson’s eyes it’s not the alcohol that is the problem. Instead it is the individual that has become a victim to the alcohol. Another reason I’ve found in my opinion that AA is so cult like is because of what the “Big Book” teaches, as well as what the big book means to its members. At one point of the book, chap... ... middle of paper ... ...t could very well be god. I’ve tried to base this paper on my view of AA as a cult, so before I conclude I will list off a few definitions of a cult. 1.) a system of religious and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object. 2.) a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing. At first when I even had heard of the thought or idea that AA operated similar to or had cult like similarities I completely disregarded that kind of thinking. After our unit on Bill Wilson, however, as well as our discussion and reading material from the AA chapters and articles I have a total change of heart. AA is a cult group that uses alcohol as a lure for new members to come together that all have similar problems. Most people who come don’t return, but the people who remain are given a sort of standardized one-size fits all kind of treatment.
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