Alcohol and Cigarette Advertisement

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Alcohol and Cigarettes Advertisement How would you feel if one of your family members or close friends told you they have a lung disease or cancer? According to a 1992 national household survey on alcohol, about 7.5% of the United States population (That is about 14 million Americans) abuse or are dependent on alcohol. Also, a recent 2004 Center for Disease Control (CDC) survey indicated that about 21% of US adults are current cigarette smokers. (That is about 44.5 million people).Let me repeat that. These numbers are from 2004. I’m guessing these numbers have increased in the last four years. These numbers are incredible since everyone realizes how damaging alcohol abuse and cigarette smoking can be. After reading a number of health articles as well as reading about horrible deaths caused by alcohol and cigarettes, I would not endorse these products to anyone. For any of you who know someone who smokes or drinks, you might want to tell them about the facts I’m going to tell you today because it might save their lives. Today I’d like to talk to you about first, why alcohol and cigarettes advertisement should be banned Second, I’m going to talk about the importance of the cigarette and alcohol problems in America, and finally, how people in society can benefit if the advertisements were not shown. Alcohol and cigarettes have killed a lot of people in the United States. The people who don’t die directly from drinking or smoking, end up having cancer or one of many diseases when they get older. Some long term effects of alcohol and cigarettes are permanent damage to vital organs, several types of cancers and brain damage. Bryan Curtis, a resident of St. Peterburg, started smoking at the age of 13, never thinking that 20 ye... ... middle of paper ... ...Tourres. "France Ban on Internet Alcohol Advertising Hits Industry." 9 Sept. 2008. 12 Nov. 2008. . "Cigarette Smoking." 9 Nov. 2008 . Fuller, Richard K. "Alcoholism Treatment in the United States an Overview- some 14 million Americans Have an alcohol problem, treatment efforts are described." 12 Nov. 2008 . ""He Wanted you to Know"" 10 Nov. 2008. "Quotes About Alcohol and ADS." 12 Nov. 2008
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