Alcohol Dependence

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Alcohol Use Disorders are disorders that are caused by the intake of alcohol over a period of time and in ways that lead to harms with health, personal relationships, school, or work. Different alcohol use disorders comprise alcohol dependence, alcohol abuse, alcohol intoxication, and alcohol withdrawal. A person with alcohol dependence has an increased tolerance to alcohol or symptoms of withdrawal after the stop of alcohol ingestion. People who are dependent on alcohol may spend considerable amounts of time drinking alcohol despite the fact that they are fully knowledgeable of the destructive characteristics of the drug.

A person abusing alcohol begins to disregard his/her responsibilities in school, at work, or socially because of alcohol use. Also, the alcohol abuser may engage in dangerous activities while intoxicated. Starting with using alcohol as a social drinker, a person will rapidly change their consumption to drinking for the purpose of getting drunk. These people are often drunk in public which leads to many arrests. Alcohol intoxication can often cause a person to undergo emotional conversions such as moodiness or irritability. The person may also experience physical changes like slurred speech and poor coordination. Extreme alcohol use may lead to memory loss called "blackouts". Alcohol Poisoning is when so much alcohol is consumed that death can occur if it is not pumped out of the stomach.

Alcohol withdrawal follows the discontinuation of the heavy use of alcohol. It happens because the body has become dependent on the alcohol in the blood for small tasks. When the entire “normal amount” of alcohol is stopped suddenly, the body retaliates with increasingly horrific symptoms. The person in alcohol withdrawal m...

... middle of paper ... a patient cope with withdrawal is Hour to Hour: The First 30 Days by Shelly Marshall. Another is Alcohol: How to Give it Up and Be Glad You Did, by Philip Tate. The Alcohol Treatment Referral Hotline, 1-800-ALCOHOL, provides help and referrals for people with concerns about alcohol or drug use. National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence hotline, 1-800-622-2255, connects people with survivors who can relate. The Alcohol and Drug Hotline, 1-800-821-4357, provides information on treatment centers and AA support groups. The National Drug and Alcohol Treatment Hotline, 1-800-662-HELP (1-800-662-4357), provides information on alcohol and drug abuse, local treatment options and to speak with someone about alcohol, drug or family problems.

All of these resources can help a person in need. Please utilize them to assist yourself of a friend in finding treatment.
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