Alcohol-Consequences Among College Students

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It was reported that American people spent billions of money on energy drinks in 2006. Especially for the college students, energy drinks are pretty attractive, thanks to extreme sports events and heavy study. College students also tend to mix alcohol with energy drinks (AmED). While alcohol is a crucial factor of injuries, AmED consumption is worth studying. What is the relationship between energy drink consumption, high-risk drinking behavior, and alcohol-related consequences among college students? The authors hypothesized that consumption of AmED would increase the risk of alcohol-related consequences.
This epidemiological study of alcohol consumption and other high-risk drinking behavior is based on a Web-survey with sample of 4,271 college students in Fall 2006. These subjects, college students, are randomly selected among 10 universities in the area of North Carolina. In this case, the sample size of each college is unique according to enrollment. This questionnaire was a component of Study to Prevent Alcohol-Related Consequences among college students (SPARC). To satisfy the requirement of SPARC, at least 365 students were selected from each university.
The Web-survey included 307 questions
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However, according to the outcomes of surveys, this study only compared Non-AmED and AmED drinkers. The consumption of AmED was strongly associated with all these six consequences. The most significant difference between Non-AmED and AmED drinkers is on the aspect of how many days of being binge drinking or drunk. Compared with Non-AmED drinkers, AmED drinkers reported almost twice as many being binge drinking days in the time period of study. For all six consequences of alcohol consumption, students who reported consuming alcohol with energy drinks are widely more possible to have alcohol-related
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