Alcohol Advertising on our Youth

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Many discussions have come about advertising and youth drinking from time to time. Whenever you see an ad on the media you see ads that relate to teens. This is not an accident! Though you cannot legally drink until the age of twenty one, these alcohol selling agencies are marketing to minors. I believe that these companies should not have ads directed to teens, if these teens are not legally permitted to drink the beverages they are marketed. Today our youth is not only exposed to alcohol advertising, but they are also the targets, An article from the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) discusses how even though alcohol consumption has decreased in the last decade in teens, that in 2007 “26% of high school students have reported episodic heavy or binge drinking. Over 74% of high school students have had at least one alcoholic drink and over 25% have tried drinking before the age of 13.” This article points out how alcohol is a factor in 41% of deaths in car crashes. High school students on average spend 18,000 hours in front of the TV. While watching TV they see over two thousand alcohol related commercials each year, and that is only television related advertising. This doesn’t include the advertising they see on “billboards, magazines, sports stadium signs, and on mass transit.” A very shocking fact mentioned in this AAFP article is that on average the youth will see 45% more beer ads and 27% more liquor ads in their magazines than those people whom are of the legal drinking age. Between 2000 and 2007 of the 2 million alcohol advertisement placements on television that around 20% were on television programs that “youth ages 12 to 20 were more likely to view than adults of legal drinking age. Also, between 2001 and 200... ... middle of paper ... ...cial media). No statistics were found based on the proportion of viewers whose followers were underage, these sites are used highly by children and teenagers and a significant proportion have access to these pages. Works Cited Alcohol Advertising and Youth. 2010. . Alcohol Advertising and Youth. April 2007. . Berrios, Martin. Tha Liks: 10 Liquor Brands Co-Signed By Hip-Hop. 29 August 2013. Article. 27 February 2014. Chedekel, Lisa. Alcohol Companies Marketing with Music Lyrics. 5 December 2013. Article. 27 February 2014. CIROC Ulra Premium Vodka Scores NBA Partnership. 20 November 2013. Image. 27 February 2014. Shawn. Diddy And CIROC Vodka Land Huge Deal With The NBA. 21 November 2013. . Underage youth exposed to alcohol advertising through social media. 20 December 2013. Article. 3 March 2014.
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