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There are countless heroes throughout literature. Their stories are all timeless and meaningful. The Alchemist, written by Paulo Coelho, is home to one of these heroes with an incredible quest. Interestingly, it is quite common to see quests and journeys throughout all literature. In the Alchemist, the protagonist, Santiago, goes through many stages of being a hero such as, call to adventure, refusal of the call, supernatural aid, crossing the threshold, and road of trials. Santiago clearly demonstrates all these stages throughout the entire novel. At the start of the novel, Santiago is summoned to embark on his adventure several times. He states that he continually has a dream that is quite strange and unfamiliar. In these dreams he meets a boy who tells him, “if you come here, you will find a hidden treasure”(13). The story later reveals that this dream is in fact a hint of his upcoming journey to find a hidden treasure. The second call is when Santiago strikes a conversation with a fortune teller. He asks the fortune teller to interpret his strange recurring dream. The fortune teller reveals to him that a grand treasure is waiting for him in the Egyptian Pyramids. While these news are not new for Santiago, this ultimately lead him one step closer to answering his call. The next and final call, is when Santiago met the King of Salem. The king gives Santiago the final push by explaining to him all about personal legends. The king gives him a sense of reassurance by telling him that, “in order to find the treasure, [Santiago] will have to follow the omens”(29). All of these examples tie in with Santiago beginning his hero journey. With all of these callings one would expect Santiago to be up for his journey during the rest of th... ... middle of paper ... ...lso contains a road of trials. The road of trials is simply his journey across the desert. Crossing the desert has been the whole issue since start of the book. He meets many obstacles, such as lack of money, lack of motivation, love, and lack of trust. One of the more notable obstacles is when he falls in love with Fatima,“I want to stay… as far as i'm concerned, she’s worth more than treasure.” (118). If it were not for the Alchemist, Santiago would have stayed with Fatima and would have not continued his journey through the desert. Throughout the novel, Santiago has continually proved himself to be a hero. He clearly followed numerous stages of the hero’s journey such as, called to the adventure, refusal to the call, supernatural aid, crossing the threshold, and road of trials. With all of these examples, it is safe to determine that Santiago is indeed a hero.

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