Album: Marshall Mathers LP 2, by Eminem

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On November 5th, 2013 Eminem released his 8th and final studio album titled Marshall Mathers LP 2. This album has been highly influential since its release and will continue to be discussed for years to come. Eminem is regarded as one of the best rappers ever and he redefined the genre as one of the first white rappers to be successful. Because of his success, Eminem’s final album is bound to be studied and listened to for decades. The reasons for this stem from the artist himself, the album art and title, and the album’s unique style and lyrics.
Eminem was born in St. Jospeh, Missouri as Marshall Mathers III. Growing up, Eminem frequently moved between Missouri and Michigan. As a teenager he finally settled in Michigan which is where he discovered rapping. Eminem began battle rapping with a friend from high school. The audience was majority African-American and did not accept him as a rapper at first. As he continued to rap he proved himself and joined a few rap groups. The most well-known of these rap groups was D-12. After the release of his first album, Infinite, Eminem developed his alter ego Slim Shady. He then created The Slim Shady EP which created many opportunities for Eminem, jump starting his career. He obtained a contract with Interscope Records and was introduced to Dr. Dre who became his mentor. His first album with Interscop Records was The Slim Shady LP in 1999 followed by The Marshall Mathers LP in 2000. The combination of these two albums proved that Eminem was one of the most important and popular pop artists of the time (Thomas, 2013).
Pushing fast forward to 2013, Eminem has gone above and beyond at proving himself as a white rapper and arguably one of the best rappers period. The release of his last studi...

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...ap is immeasurable. Without out him the industry would not be what it is today. Eminem ends his career with a bang. His final album depicts what he is known for. His violent imagery, intense and creative lyrics, and strong and deep messages are illustrated perfectly on MMLP2 along with his unique style of rapping using a strong voice and quick, nasal rhymes. Expect to learn about Eminem and MMLP2 in music classes for decades to come.

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