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The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) was formed on June 17th of 2013 under the creation of the Responsible Energy Development Act, which was passed on December 10th, 2012. This act currently provides the AER with all responsibilities for all projects ranging from application to reclamation in regards to the Public Lands Act, Water act and Environmental Protection Act. The AER main purpose is to use the acts it has responsibility over to ensure the safe development of all hydrocarbon resource over their productive life. This entails protecting the environment, conserving water and managing public land. As the board continues to develop their range of responsibilities and acts will increase. The board is taking over these responsibilities from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. As stated in the act the AER are not agents of the crown and is responsible for its own general management and affairs. This change is to help Alberta’s oil and gas industries in preparation for the next era of regulation.
The AER is made-up of a chairperson and board of directors who are all appointed by the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. The AER is fully funded by the industry itself through levies. This form of funding is commonly used throughout agencies across North America. The current Chair of the board is Gerry Protti who was an executive at EnCana and is the founding president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. The AER also include field staff inspectors whose jobs are to ensure the construction and operation of infrastructure meats AER standards as well as respond to emergency situation.
The current jurisdiction of the AER is constantly growing as the Government of Alberta adds to it power. The AER c...

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...stand why the AER did what it did for the first hour because they wanted to ensure each individual got their chance to be heard before a decision was made, which is a great practice to limit the amount of hurt feelings and disgruntled people. Due to the longevity of this hearing I was only about to attend the fist few hours of the trial and was unable to hear the final verdict. Finally I believe that this hearing, the parts I was able to view, was very fair to both parties and the board was not quick to jump to conclusion, which could cause individuals to feel unjustly treated and file for appeal.

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