Albert Einstein Research Paper

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In this day and age, the words Einstein and genius are synonymous, but not very many people know what Einstein did that established him as one of the most influential and prominent thinkers of the 20th century. His genius spread over several fields of science, providing groundbreaking explanations and theories for even the most wild seeming ideas. He started off as a patent clerk in Switzerland, and while editing and reviewing patent applications, he began formulating theories for the behavior of light and other questions that had remained unanswered since humans had started wondering about their place in the universe. Albert Einstein revolutionized the core components of physics, chemistry, astronomy; laying the foundation for the physics that we learn in school today. His work altered the way that scientists, politicians and philosophers think and his insightful knowledge still leaves scientists baffled. Signs of his genius began long before he got a real job and became prominent in the scientific community: at the ripe age of 12, he proved the Pythagorean Theorem a different w...

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