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684 words

Einstein was not perfect to everybody he had flaws primary in the eyes of Hitler during the Holocaust. Einstein had been placed in a historical setting when he was born. Einstein was Jewish and lived in Germany. Often times when Einstein invented or discovered Hitler would put it down and denied all of Einstein’s work. The Germans would destroy Einstein’s dreams and he was crushed. Albert Einstein also had to live on his own at the age of fourteen. Albert Einstein dad forgot to make the electricity work in his city so they were exiled and Einstein’s family moved Italy, soon he would reunite with his family. In his time the Nazis party was expanding and starts to use propaganda to take command. Italy had joined the fight with Germany and Albert Einstein and his family were all Jewish so they had the hard problem of trying not being in a concentration camp. (According to the article Albert Einstein) Albert Einstein was not safe in Germany and he had no choice to leave Germany. The reason why was because the Nazis wanted to murder Einstein because he was Jewish. The Nazis party even had a bounty for his head if you killed him. So eventually decided to move to the United States and he took the decision to take position as the formed Institute of Advanced study of Princeton, but when he left he never went back to Germany. Later more hard ships head Einstein way his soon was diagnosed with Schizophrenia which is a disorder that destroys the structure of our brain and makes it hard you to evaluate your surrounds. Later his best friend breaks down and commits suicide. After a physicist known as Leo Szilard who sent a letter to President Franklin D. Roosevelt to alarm him about the Nazis are making an A-Bomb. The president ignored the...

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...kind. Einstein left and impact that nobody would think about, but he is not forgotten we still use his work. Albert Einstein had a lasting impact that would influent the world. If Einstein was never born the U.S. might not have won the World War II. We also not have a refrigerator. The A- bomb would never be made which means we would not go in a Cold War. Einstein made the world very different with one invention. If Einstein was never here we wouldn’t have gone in the Cold War, Vietnam War, and the Korean War. There would be more people alive and Japan would never be bombed. Einstein inventions possibly saved the world. The reason why was because the world not have certain inventions that would help us survive. Einstein helped make the U.S a superpower as stated in the article (Albert Einstein) this man has changed the world and we need to thank him for his work.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that albert einstein was not perfect to everyone, he had flaws primary in the eyes of hitler during the holocaust.
  • Explains how albert einstein changed science and physics as we know it. the miracle year was when he invented the theory of relativity.
  • Opines that albert einstein made the u.s. a superpower by making three wars, modernizing and coming up with new ways to make life easier.
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