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Few people in this world have played a pivotal role in history quite like Albert Einstein. The word genius is a common used when referring to Einstein, little is it known that he failed an entrance exam to a Swiss polytechnic school. Although he did not pass that exam he did not let that deter him from achieving his goal, he became a teacher in physics and mathematics, lecturing all across Europe. He contributed beyond the fields of science and math, spending 10 years of his life traveling and lecturing on the evils of armed conflict. Einstein also formed part of the League of Nations which aimed at preventing future wars. If Albert Einstein would not have warned the U.S. of German plans for an atomic bomb, we might all have lived under Nazi…show more content…
Einstein was born March 14, 1879, in Ulm, Germany to Hermann Einstein and Pauline Koch, almost immediately the Einstein relocated to Munich, Germany where they started an electrotechnical business (Lewis). He began school in the Luitpold Gymnasium but due to their family’s business competitive market they moved to Milan, Italy for better opportunities. During His time in Milan Einstein studied in preparation to attend The Swiss Federal Polytechnic school in Zurich who admitted students through an exam. Once Einstein took the exam he came to learn that he had failed, although he was no admitted he did not give up on attending The Swiss Polytechnic. He eventually attended the Polytechnic school, having to first graduate from Aarau that guaranteed admittance. Although he had succeeded in being admitted and graduating from The Swiss Polytechnic many…show more content…
This is the year that Einstein publishes visionary pieces, a well-known one is the Theory of Relativity (Doc). Einstein develops this theory while on a bus in Burns, Switzerland. He imagines the bus traveling near the speed of light, as he reaches the speed of light he notices the clock tower’s hands in the distance appeared frozen. This leads to the idea that space and time are deeply connected, the incredible thing was that Einstein wasn’t even a scientist at this point. He would develop a total of 4 theories, but he was up against hundreds of years of established science and recondition wouldn’t come easy. It would be almost a decade before he was able to prove all his theories, nothing would stop him from achieving his goal, not even World War I. He developed a new understanding of gravity, that of which space and time and are malleable. The way he would try to prove this was by taking a picture of stars near the sun, but only during a total solar eclipse in order to see light bending. He accomplishes this feat but not before years of missed eclipses and the wild goose chases across countries that his fellow scientists endured, one of which became a prisoner of war to help Einstein’s cause. It truly is astonishing how an unknown challenged established theories only to disprove them and give a new

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