Albert Einstein

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The Life of Albert Einstein Albert Einstein was born on March 14th 1879, in Ulm Germany. Einstein spent much of his youth in Munich where his family owned and ran a small manufactured electric machinery company. Although Albert Einstein is thought to be one of the most brilliant influential thinkers of all time, he was born with birth deformities that left his skull in an angular shape. In addition, this same ingenious intellect did not speak until he was three years old. When he did began to speak he was using long and meaningful sentences. While very young Einstein demonstrated curiosity about nature and the ability to comprehend difficult mathematical concepts, and by the young age of twelve he had taught himself and later mastered Euclidean geometry. Einstein disliked school and when his family’s business went bankrupt he decided to withdraw from school and traveled with his parents to Milan. Einstein in fact enrolled in a secondary school in Arrau, Switzerland, and entered the Swill National Polytechnic in Zurich. Again, Einstein was not in favor of the teaching methods and would often skip classes in order to study physics on his own or to play his violin. Although his professors did not think highly of him, Einstein graduated from school in 1900 by studying the notes of a classmate. For the next two years Einstein resorted to substitute teaching and tutoring because his superiors did not recommend him for a university position...

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