Albert Einstein

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Einstein was born on March 14th, 1879 in a quaint city known as Ulm, Germany to Hermann and Pauline Einstein. His parents, not aware that the beautiful baby boy in front of them would make the most brilliant theories to different scientific fields. One interesting fact about his parents was that neither had any concrete knowledge on the study of science or math. During his early childhood years, Einstein did not show any real skills but at the same time he was a very curious kid, being very detailed-oriented and observing everything that was around him. In the first years of school, his parents were very concerned that Albert might have what we called today a “learning disability”; he only showed achievement in the subject of math and science, but did not have a care in the world for any other of the subjects that were taught in elementary school. Besides school, Albert had a liking for the violin and piano during his pre-adolescent years.

“Music was the key that helped Albert Einstein become one of the

smartest men who has ever lived. Einstein himself says that the

reason he was so smart is because he played the violin” (Laurence O'Donnell III)

As time passed by, he favored teaching himself; by the time that he was a teen-age boy he had superior knowledge of math and science than his peers. His family then decides to move from Germany to Italy, but Albert decided to stay. He looked forward to finishing school in Germany and then moving with parents, after only one semester he found his himself alone and met the family in Italy. After relocating, he considered enrolling in the Swiss Polytechnic University but he failed the entrance exam; the university accepted him due to his highly achieving scores in the subjects of ...

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...hat Einstein contributions lead to an awareness of math and that of its results, to be trusted until an experiment can be proved wrong.

Einstein’s legend is still seen today through modern science. One hundred years have passed and the great triumphs he accomplished are still being lived in. Those most practical applications that are in use for example; the television and DVD-players, remote controls, automatic openers are just a few that can be name as bearing the ideas of Einstein Other more complicated items also bear the theories of Einstein like nuclear power, semiconductors, lasers space travel and photoelectric cells. Those two great theories of the early 1900’s paved the way for physics and is still in high use as of today. Remember that Einstein intelligence and passion for equality and has left the world with an indescribable amount of knowledge.