Alaska Wilde Chapter 10

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3293 words

Chapter Ten -- Trial by Fire Allie watched as the other boar that had been standing next to it, inhaled sharply and then do pretty much the same thing as the other boar. "What the hell?" she asked, but let out a loud whoop. "What's going on over there?" Jay yelled. The whoop sounded surprised. Or was it fearful? "I don't know. They looked at me, their eyes crossed, and then they passed out." "I thought you said you were only going to pee." "Ha ha," she said, but actually felt like laughing out loud. A short distance away, two other boars began swaying on their feet. A moment later, they dropped like rocks. "I think the ones that are dropping are the ones that ate my Femmcaps." "All right." He didn't say anything else for a long while. "Maybe you should take a minute and think about what that means." "Go to hell, Widford," she told him with a laugh. The sound of his laughter was at the same time odd because of their circumstances, but it still sounded sexy somehow. What is going on with me? she wondered. Most of the boars seemed to be squatting oddly in the middle of the crater. Jay must have noticed it, too, because she saw him slowly and cautiously move his head out of his groove to survey the area. A different, sleeker boar appeared from the very back of the crater and rushed over to Jay, sending a shower of dirt clumps in its wake. "It's dripping wet," he called over to her. "And do you see how it looks different than the others? I think it's a she instead of a he." "Good to know you can tell the difference," she said, unable to keep the grin from her face, even though he knew he probably couldn't see it from where he was. "I could be legally blind and tell the difference, smart ass," he called back. "Thi... ... middle of paper ... ... a reality show. A sudden lessening of the weight on his shoulders made him shift to his left. He immediately righted himself. "What's going on up there?" "I can almost see over the top. Can you boost me up a little higher?" Jay glanced at her shapely ass and raised an eyebrow. Nice. She really had a perfect ass. Forcing the thought out of his mind, he began rising up on his tiptoes. He'd never pushed himself this hard in all his life. The boars, as if sensing an opportunity would soon present itself to eat them, began to inch forward. On the other side of the stream, the little boars silently moved to a spot against the crater wall and went as silent and still statues. It was telling about how dangerous the big boars really were. Then he felt Allie's weight leave his shoulders completely, leaving him free to swing the torch toward the advancing line of killers.

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how allie watched as the other boar that had been standing next to it, inhaled sharply and then did pretty much the same thing.
  • Narrates how two other boars began swaying on their feet and dropped like rocks.
  • Opines that he didn't say anything else for a long while. "maybe you should think about what that means."
  • Explains that allie watched for the boar to come into sight. it was smaller and didn't have tusks, although it had little rounded nubs.
  • Narrates how jay shook his head. "look at 'em. we'll never see a sight like this again."
  • Analyzes how jay knew he'd never feel the same about sitting behind a desk. even the thought of promotion didn't sound appealing. was it because of the setting?
  • Opines that he'd be incredulous, too, if they were in her shoes. they're just trying to survive.
  • Describes how allie and the boar were confronted in unison by the enormous beast. its hairy snout was inches away from her face. the sizzling brush in her hand didn't concern it.
  • Analyzes how she opened her mouth to argue, then shook her head instead. "yeah, i do know what you mean."
  • Analyzes how the woman said, "fyi, this brush isn't going to last forever," in a matter-of-fact voice. "let's get moving. stay close."
  • Describes how the boars made their way to the opening in the rock wall. jay motioned for allie to go first.
  • Analyzes how the woman screamed at the boars, the vein her neck, standing out, "if i had a gun i'd kill all o' you!"
  • Analyzes how she inhaled and seemed to pull herself together, even going so far as to wipe the nose with the back of her sleep. her flaming brush swished perilously close to jay's
  • Narrates how allie's gaze shifted to the boar closest to her. then, in a move so quick jay could scarcely believe his eyes, she jabbed it with her flaming torch.
  • Analyzes how allie ignored him and continued to face the boars. "like that, huh? that ain't nothing compared to what i'm gonna do once i—"
  • Opines that if they haven't panicked yet, there's a good chance that nothing will make them panic.
  • Describes how jay struggled to stand up, but dropped part of his torch in the process. "shit!" he said.
  • Narrates how jay yelled, and the whoop sounded surprised. or was it fearful?
  • Analyzes how widford's laughter was odd because of his circumstances, but it was sexy somehow. he could make fun of himself without actually putting himself down like some insecure big city boy
  • Analyzes how allie felt like jay was flirting with her again. he wasn't her type, but he was slowly but surely growing on her.
  • Narrates how jay jerked so hard he banged his head against the back of his groove. the fire sent the two boars near him running back to the end of the crater as fast their legs could care them.
  • Describes how allie held a lighter and hair spray to the edge of the crater. jay stopped in mid-sentence to watch her scramble from her groove and started grabbing bunches of dead and dying thistle.
  • Narrates how allie looked up at canada thistle, cirsium arvense, in one hand, and held it in front of her as if she had all the time in the world to admire how pretty it looked.
  • Narrates how allie sprayed the lighter and veered around the boars. jay, half-way out of his groove and on his way over to her, stopped in his tracks, unsure what to do next.
  • Analyzes how allie and jay stared at each other for a long moment, the sound of cracking thistle sounding oddly romantic. jay finally remembered where they were and stepped back.
  • Narrates how jay stabbed his flaming torch at a boar that fronted the pack. it squealed and backed up into one of its buddies.
  • Narrates how jay yanked a handful of hairs out of the boar's snout, and fired into its hoof, then its right, before it could react.
  • Narrates how allie swung her flaming brush in an arc around her, the wind brought the dying flames to life again and the boars retreated a few steps.
  • Narrates how the strangeness of the stream splitting the crater made jay do a double take. the smell of pig shit snapped him out of his reverie.
  • Narrates how jay followed her glance and swung her handful of flaming brush at the two boars facing her.
  • Analyzes how allie thrust what appeared to be a belt buckle in jay's face. though tarnished and dirty, he saw the word, "wilde," across the face of it.
  • Narrates how jay and allie had nightmares for the rest of their lives, thinking about the final moments of her dad's life. if the boars won, there would be no family that would go looking for them.
  • Analyzes how allie swished her brush at a nearby boar and then glanced back at the farrow.
  • Analyzes how she swished her flaming brush wand at a different boar. they seemed to be getting braver, neither of them made hasty moves backward.
  • Analyzes how the sound of something breaking the smooth surface of the stream made jay turn sharply. allie gave the group of young boars an uneasy look and glanced at the wall.
  • Analyzes how jay and allie were intrigued by the equisetum arvense, which flared when it touched the thistle, sending the boars skiing backward.
  • Narrates how allie stepped on jay's thighs and climbed onto his shoulders, using the whole of him as a ladder.
  • Analyzes how she whopped the side of jay's head with her boot and quickly brought it back to his shoulder. he wished more than anything that he had a free hand to rub his face.
  • Describes how jay narrowed his eyes, but kept his tongue. he struggled to bring his knees in and finally managed to straighten his spine.
  • Narrates how jay pushed himself so hard that he felt allie's weight leave him free to swing the torch toward the advancing line of killers.
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