Alaina, A Career Counseling Study

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Issues and Problem Focus

The key problems and needs which Aliana should address is why the other careers she choose before have not made her happy. She has tired her hand at English and Education in her past careers. I would question why she chose these careers to begin with. I would also explore why she has never used her minor in Journalism in her career and if she would like to put effort into that career path. In using the O*NET Interest Profiler we can explore why she might have chosen these careers and what careers she should really explore based on her scores.

Alaina has chronic depression which can affect how she feels from day to day. Her medication helps keep her moods stable, but she is not able to have real joy about anything. This can affect how she views in occupations and how she performs in that job. This can also affect the counseling relationship in the way that the counselor will have a difficult time trying to gauge if she likes the career choices that have been chosen and if the counselor is going in the right direction for this client. Her mood disorder can crate career indecision that makes her unable to commit to a specific career. To address the career indecision she is feeling I will be “using techniques common to career development and life-planning interventions such as facilitating the discovery of skills, interests, abilities, and values and teaching the client goal setting, world- of work information, and, again, decision making skills” (Capuzzi & Stauffer, 2012, P.408), In using the O*NET Interest Profiler we can gain information that can sooth of that indecisiveness by showing her careers she could like based on what she likes and has knowledge of. Her chronic depression could limit the typ...

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...e her obstacles, feelings, and influence in her career selection. In doing so I can see her scores and how they are used on a profile sheet in career adaption. I would present these results to the client to show how she adapts to a career and how this influences her selections.

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