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Al Zawawi family is ranked as the most admired company in Oman in terms of different stakeholders and the chief players in Oman's business land. There are plenty of reasons that contributed and led the company to achieve profitability and growth. If the company wants to retain its viability and have competitive advantages, it has to pay careful attention to different shareholder groups and establish a vision or an intention, which can lead to its success. Al Zawawi company is considered one of the greatest world industries in terms of organic automobiles, agricultural machinery, and communications.
The chief reason behind Al Zawawi Company's success is that it provides different kind of equipments, especially automobiles, and communications for the consumers and pays attention to the needs of its customers. In order to achieve the Al Zawawi company's profitability, they have to follow some important business steps in order to establish a successful business plan. The first step is to make marketing strategies because marketing has primary responsibility for interaction between a firm and a customer. Al Zawawi should advertise their company by launching a new website that enables the company to communicate with customers and create good relationships with them. Moreover, the company should use the data on customer's purchases of their customers in order to be mindful of customer's needs. Furthermore, the company should have an innovation team to activate their opportunities for growth. For example, an innovation team can discover new sales that customers would like to buy and know their true potential for development. Second step, the company has to know problems and try to solve them because solving problems will assist the co...

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...ssue, the manager should be as a friend and try to solve his problem and will make the firm as a place that people take care of each other and that can motivate employees to do well in the work. Second motivate is very common in every business which employees do certain work and they get an extra salary for that exertion. Giving employees financial rewards will help employees to raise their performance and encourage other employees to do an extra hard work.
Finally, Al Zawawi has made strides in terms of having a good image in the society that play in the success of the company today. Al Zwawi company today try to make efficient in providing good services to customers in order to maintain their employees.Moreover, the company tries to establish strong relationship with employees in order to motivate them to do well in their work.

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