Al Capone: The Boss Man Of An Organized Crime Gang

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Al Capone was one of the most well known gangsters in all of American history. He was the main boss man of an organized crime gang in Chicago in the 1920s during the Prohibition times. He was seen as a hero or "Robin Hood" figure by many poor people of the time of 1920s during prohibition Capone became famous for both his criminal activity as well as all his donations to charity he made frequently. Al Gabriel Capone was born in Brooklyn New York on January 17 1899. His parents were immigrants from Italy which they migrated to Brooklyn with Capone. Which made the false conception about how immigrants were criminals even worse for this time period in America with the rise of itailan mobsters. His father worked as a well known barber and his mother as a seamstress. Capone grew up in there Brooklyn home with his 8 brothers and…show more content…
Organizing Crime Capone turned the crime organization into a money making business. He became very wealth selling illegal liquor, and also offering protection services, and running gambling houses around New York. Capone was known for being cure and ruthless. He had rival mobsters killed and personally murdered anyone in his gang who he thought might go against him. Despite his growing reputation as a crime boss, he managed to stay out of jail and prison by bribing the authorities and politicians which was very common at this time. He used his wealth to gain popularity with the people also at this time. During the Great Depression, Al Capone had opened the first soup kitchen for the homeless in Chicago. This was why he was seen as a hero to some. The great depression was very hard for Americans and the government didn’t really have any answers or that much aid to help the unhealthy families in there dire of need of aid. Valentine's Day Massacre On February 14, 1929, Capone ordered a killing on a rival gang led by Bugs

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