Akeelah And The Bee Movie Analysis

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Akeelah and the Bee was an emotional roller coaster of a movie that oozed the essence of self-concept and identity management. We’re thrown into the movie from Akeelah’s perspective. It starts in a rundown dying school and Akeelah trying to fit into the stereotype of being ghetto and dumb like the rest of the kids. She lowers her self-esteem and confidence to reflect this sort of behavior. Not until she gets into the spelling bee do others realize her potential and help her on a path of developing self-concept. According to Adler, the self-concept is who you think you are as a person (Adler, 2017, p.63), This is the man theme of this movie as it delves into what Akeelah thinks of herself and then morphing into a new self-concept image later in the movie. Self-esteem is the evaluation of your self-worth (Adler, 2017, p. 63). The more prevailing factor of the self-concept in the movie as Akeelah is seen many times…show more content…
They provide the very basis for overcoming your own fear of yourself to show your true talent. The movie was an enjoyable roller coaster of emotions that make you feel good about yourself and Akeelah for going on this journey with her. It was great to see her grow up into a person that’s not afraid to show her skills. The amount of effort and talent that was put into the movie to show the ability to overcome discrimination and raise self-esteem is simply amazing. I’m glad I was able to see this movie as it was an oddly enjoyable emotional roller coaster.

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